[Mono-winforms-list] How well should vs.net SWF code work right now?

Jordi Mas jordi@ximian.com
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:12:27 +0200

El dimecres 27 de octubre del 2004 a les 03:03 -0600, en/na Steve
Deobald va escriure:

Hi Steve,

> I had originally started with a form containing a tabcontrol, which in
> turn contained a label, textbox, and button. I was getting a lot of
> font-related errors until I removed all the label/textbox/button code,
> but I still ended up with this:
> http://www.cityhost.ca/~steve/tmp/mwftester/greybox.png
> The code is in a zip file in:
> http://www.cityhost.ca/~steve/tmp/mwftester/
> If anyone has any interest in looking at it, I'd be curious to know
> what's going on here.
> Finally, a few quick questions:
> - It looks like TextBox is broken - is it, or is it just me? :) If it
> is, do we have an ETA on it?
> - Should I avoid things like docking/anchoring for now, or are these
> ready to be tested (it just occurred to me that I docked that tabcontrol
> absent-mindedly).

If you can put new samples together it can be really useful.

You want make sure that you are running the latest version (CVS HEAD) of
System.Drawing, libgdiplus and Cairo. We fixed a few issues related to
fonts a few weeks back. All these controls work fine, you are hitting a
System.Drawing problem that we had a we months back. Which versions are
you running?

Peter worked on docking and anchoring and they should work fine, if you
report a bug and we will look into this.