[Mono-winforms-list] Important information about contributing to MWF

Jordi Mas jordi@ximian.com
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 20:55:29 +0200

El dilluns 11 de octubre del 2004 a les 09:34 -0600, en/na Peter Dennis
Bartok va escriure:
> Hi Guys and Gals,
> Recently, the issue of disassembling Microsoft's SWF.dll to find out how to 
> do certain things came up. This is something that can cause serious 
> problems. Our goal is to have a clean implementation, developed using only 
> published documentation from Microsoft and others. Disassembling and/or 
> using the the information gleaned from disassembly it will taint our code 
> and render it unusable.
> If we really do have code that behaves not compatible with MS's SWF.dll we 
> can find out by writing test code and comparing behaviour side by side, 
> modifying our code until it matches MS. We might not find all things right 
> out of the gate, but once we reach a point where apps can be run, we will 
> get bug reports about those incompatibilties out and can fix them then.

I completely agree.

I also want to point out that looking at Microsft SWF code much of the
time will not make sense because in many occasions SWF is just a thin
wrapper over the UI Win32 API.

I believe that when implementing SWF it's more usual to come across
situations were to understand the Win32 behave may require to write a
few tests. For these cases, you can look a which logic Wine uses and
check if that makes sense in your context. For example, Wine has all the
controls, except for RichEdit, very complete and they mimic the Win32
behavior very well.

My five cents.