[Mono-winforms-list] Why no longer using WineLib as base?

Jordi Mas jordi@ximian.com
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 12:58:15 +0100

El dc 24 de 11 del 2004 a les 11:29 +0000, en/na Pedro Figueiredo va
> I have some questions to add:
> R you planning to join efforts or using some code from the pnet
> implementation?

It's not easy for several reasons. From a technical point of view their
System.Drawing is far behind ours and the way that they also implemented
it is quite different to our one. 

I do not think that there is a problem is they take our effort and try
to re-use it, if they respect our licensing terms. They are already
doing that for other namespaces.

> Does the pnet implementation of SWF work with mono? Did anyone tried
> to run the pnet implementation with mono?
> How different is now the mono implementation of SWF in comparation
> with the portable.net implementation?

I think that the best answer if give a try to both and get your own

I strongly believe that for beginning of the next year we will have a
grade of completeness that will allow to run most of basic / medium size
applications that use SWF.

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