[Mono-winforms-list] swf

gennady wexler adyler@winisp.net
Sun, 07 Nov 2004 22:18:30 -0800

anyone else's seeing this? are there any mac X11 users? any mono lists for
mac sufferers? should I just give up and rather than making anything run on
my machine just go and start making it to work in Carbon? :) sucks because I
would have nothing I can compare things to for consistency.

help please?

On 10/30/04 8:42 AM, "gennady wexler" <adyler@winisp.net> wrote:
> all I get is this:
> apple:~/mono/cvs/mcs/class/System.Windows.Forms/Samples adyler$ mono
> Form1.exe
> #region #line XplatUI Constructor called