[Mono-winforms-list] Another portable GUI toolkit ?

Sirajuddin Maizir Sirajuddin Maizir <siroj100@gmail.com>
Thu, 4 Nov 2004 11:48:57 +0700

Sorry for re-send...

Dear all,

Hi, currently I'm working on writing another managed gui toolkit using
C#. In some aspect, it has similarities with the current
implementation of SWF, such as minimum amount of native code (only
some function required in native code to communicate with underlying
native window manager). But in the other side, it also differ from
SWF, because it's a newly written gui toolkit that written from the
scratch (almost all). But this toolkit is very far from complete, in
fact, currently I'm still designing the class hierarchy.

That's why I'm asking, is it worth for me to spend my resources to
write another gui toolkit that still very far from complete, or should
I give my resources to help mono SWF team (I would very like to
contribute, but don't know which part?). Cause actually when I'm
started doing this thing mono SWF is still using Wine, and I think it
might be a good idea to write a completely new one which has no
relating with windows things (SWF is so much windows-related).

If it is worth, then I would really need help from all of you guys,
cause I need many input about how a good portable gui toolkit should
be. Cause my experiences using gui toolkit is only using GTK+ and
Swing (yes, I'm also a Java programmer, and currently working on a
Java-based project, that's why I don't really had many time to do
this, unless it is quite worthed).

Thanks in advance for the suggestion

Sirajuddin Maizir