Fw: [Mono-winforms-list] question about winelib

Pekus Cons. e Desenvolvimento pekus@pekus.com.br
Fri, 28 May 2004 18:12:42 -0300


I had a similar problem with glib. The solution was to use /usr instead of
/usr/local. I got this trick with another developer in this newsgroup (Marco
Ridoni), but he said that this solution is related mainly with RedHat
distribution, I hope that helps you.


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Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] question about winelib

> Hello,
> I recently installed winelib into /usr/local/winelib.
> When trying to run SWF applications, I get this error:
> System.DllNotFoundException: winelib.exe.so
> I even tried putting a symbolic link in /usr/lib for winelib.exe.so but
this didn't help.
> What can I do to make mono find winelib.exe.so?
> --Matt
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