[Mono-winforms-list] winelib install problems

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Thu, 13 May 2004 10:16:06 -0600

Chnage your prefix to an area where you have rights. You then also need to
compile wine with the same prefix and mono and mcs with the same prefix.


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From: "Diego Iastrubni" <elcuco@kdemail.net>
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Date: 13 May, 2004 10:10
Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] winelib install problems

>Hi all,
>I am trying to package winelib, and I got into problems. I am making my
>as a normal user, and I dont have write access to /usr/lib.
>However, the "make install" script tyies to write into those areas:
>_list="winelib"; for i in $_list; do (cd $i; make install) || exit 1;
>make[1]: Entering directory `/home/cuco/rpm/BUILD/winelib-0.2/winelib'
>_list="winelib.exe.so "; for i in $_list; do install $i /usr/lib; done
>install: cannot create regular file `/usr/lib/winelib.exe.so': Permission
>make[1]: *** [install] Error 1
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/cuco/rpm/BUILD/winelib-0.2/winelib'
>make: *** [install] Error 1
>error: Bad exit status from /home/cuco/rpm/tmp/rpm-tmp.78276 (%install)
>Any ideas how can I fix this?
>building it as root will not work, since it modifies the root dir.
>Apparently I have to put this code in the post install script of the
>What code should I use? how do I disable this option from the "make
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