[Mono-winforms-list] MS IL-Code

Benjamin Dittes Dittes@t-online.de
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 21:57:40 +0200

> 1. This a violation of Microsoft intelectual property. This is just not
> right and you will not help any open source project doing that.

Alright, the questions seems rather stupid to me now. I was under the
impression that the
.NET Framework was a free package as well...

> 2. If you are looking for PropertyGrid techniques, there are examples
> out there with source code for .Net and Java. Looking at any CIL is just
> not the way to go.

I cant agree with you there. I have found lots of articles about Designers,
TypeConverters, etc... but they all only cover a small spot and you find
yourself using code you dont understand in no time. But if you have a simple
question (for instance: how can the color in the PG be selected by such a
cool DropDown?) there is nothing like the real thing and a bit MSDN. You
just take one look and know that you should use the
IWindowsFormsEditorService - now where else can you learn about that?