[Mono-winforms-list] Gentlefolk ... please ... how may I join the Winforms cabal?

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:57:35 -0700

Welcome to the SWF club :-)

>a) pre-requisites -- should there be a pre-install of Mono and/or Wine
before building?
You need wine and wine-devel installed on your system (or compiled from

>b) pre-requisites -- Peter says to be certain to have the latest version
of cairo and libgdiplus from CVS ... which CVS?  I'm not "seeing" either
at anonymous@anoncvs.go-mono.com:/mono
Cairo has it's own cvs (www.cairographics.org), but 0.18 is fine, too.
libgdiplus is it's separate module in the mono cvs tree.

>c) pre-requisites -- Peter indicated the one patch in CVS along with his
readme, and then attached another patch or two in his Winforms-list
message.  I also note ROUGE Alain mentions an mcs-0.30.patch.  What is the
complete set of patches to be applied, and to what source?  What is the
source for that source?  (whose CVS servers?).
We went through several iterations of the patch, due to the fact that the
wine guys didn't want to include it as part of wine. The module is called
winelib. Just download it and run autoconf and ./configure (but make sure
wine is already on your system) and make install.

>d) final "baking" ... make what, in what order, and using what make
You need to create symbolic links for the wine dlls:
cd <libdir>
for i in <wine_dll_dir>wine/*dll.so; do ln -s $i lib`basename $i`; done

>e) Where does the CVS folder \mono\mcs\class\System.Windows.Forms\WINELib
... the "stub" ... fit into things, if at all?
It doesn't; it's only historical.

>f) Whatever else one needs to know ... what foot to stand on while doing
this, what phase of the moon, what day of the week ... we all know that
it's "magic" that holds code together, so I'd really like to know this
particular magic.
Well, other than the above, you shouldn't need anything. And with a little
bit of luck we'll have a build out soon that does all the magic for you!

>Finally, it would be **great** if the tutorial could instruct how it
might be done on a SPARC machine (if Winforms can work on mono-mint).
However, it will be **just fine** if the tutorial could instruct me
sufficiently that I could pull this off on my new 2.8 GHz/Intel/SuSE
SPARC? Don't think Wine does that. But Intel will work fine.

>****Bottom line:  I'd like to be on "the bleeding edge", and I don't mind
bleeding a little -- but I'd prefer not having to bleed to death. :)  ****

Well, you definitely will be bleeding edge :-) Let me know how it goes, if
you run into problems I'd be happy to help