[Mono-winforms-list] Windows Forms is crucial for the futuresuccess

Dan Maltes dan@astusa.com
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 17:17:38 -0400

That's great news, thank you Jackson.  Since you are looking for possible
quirky behavior of SWF controls, I'm thinking perhaps some test cases that
override the OnPaint method for persistence testing would be good.  What
would also be nice is to get a major control vendor, like Infragistics, to
assign mono a liason to do some control testing with their code.  Or maybe
they could give you guys a compilmentry source license for testing? ;-)  If
mono could eventually run the NetAdvtantage Suite that would sure be
impressive.  It would mean even more sales for Infragistics by opening up
the linux desktop to their .NET controls and a great suite of controls for
us developers to use.  Couldn't hurt for you guys to contact them.


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On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 08:57, Mark Gimelfarb wrote:
> nothing will happen with it until the re-write happens (which is in 
> progress, AFAIU).
  The new rewrite has begun but it is more of an archetictural stage right
now. It will be in full swing next week, and a considerable amount of effort
will go into it. There will be more Novell developers working on winforms
then any other component of Mono. So I would expect it to be useable very

>  I would like to help, if
> I can, when the WinForms folks get to point when they've got something 
> to show and need help with.

  You can help right now by developing small test cases on windows.
Extremely simple forms with one or two controls that cover the gamut of a
controls functionality. Having these test cases written before we develop a
control will save us test writing time and give us a nice blueprint for a
controls functionality. If you are an experienced winforms developer try to
include or document any "strange" behavior a control may have that might not
be obvious to us when we begin developing the control. Obviously larger test
cases will also be useful, but a good set of small functional test cases
will be extremely useful when developing SWF. Short of writing test cases
just documenting any non obvious or poorly documented functionality would be
very useful.

> 	As far as WinForms being the most important part of the project, 
> while I might be _partially_ with you on that one, I'm afraid that we 
> both are going to get flamed by the ASP.NET programmers out there :) 
> I'd like to avoid that, if possible. So, no flames, please, I'm not 
> making any claims to that effect here. :)

  There is no single most important part of Mono. Mono is useful as a whole
but how useful would a complete System.Windows.Forms implementation be
without a corlib or runtime? And besides we all know the assembler is the
most important part of Mono ;-).

> 	I too, would like to run all my current WinForms projects under Mono

> on Linux, and I also have to put all of them on hold, so I'm with you 
> on that one.

  See above pieces on test cases. Also as we progress in the implementation
please test your applications on Mono as often as possible and file bug
reports on any regressions or incorrect functionality, no matter how

Thanks for the cheer-leading Mark, much appreciated, Jackson

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