[Mono-winforms-list] Newbie: mcs fails looking for System.Windows.Forms.Form (0.29 on Windows XP)

Marty Heyman Marty Heyman <mheyman@symas.com>
Sat, 24 Jan 2004 11:41:34 -0800

I downloaded and ran a couple of C# examples (console mode) and all went fine. I downloaded the source to a SWF app from one of the usual .NET sites and tried mcs and got a message that it couldn't find System.Windows.Forms.Form. (Actually, I had to remove a "using" from the midst of the code before I got that far). So I downloaded another SWF app and tried to compile its source and got the same problem.
   ??? I didn't want to go to BugZilla if this is a classic Newbie problem. BTW ... the second app does not run when I point mono or mint at it even though it runs on the native XP .NET ... that's a very different problem.
--=  Marty Heyman