[Mono-winforms-list] When will winforms be working?

Vlad kaluzhny vkaluzhny@openlinksw.co.uk
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:51:39 +0600

It is definitely very strange - I am sitting by computer, my ICQ is online,
I am chating with guys over ICQ meantime as it says to you - I am not 
logged in... :-)
And I  did not see any attempts to contact  with me over ICQ during this 
time.... :-)
Really - there are so much   strange in the world....
Send  me   please  your ICQ ID, I will  try  to contact to you myself.

Well, back to our beast....

First  of all what I  mean under that  term....
You probably have had a look  on my first edition of wine shared library 
They are complete and fucntional, you can compile  any Windows 
application on Unix,
link those libraries and  what's the magic -  the application , written 
for MS Windows,  will be worring
on Unix without  ony changes..... That is what I mean saying 
systematical approach...
Actually I have already  ported dozen of MS Windows appliactions , 
source code on which  I've  had,
on my computer... They are working....
The my patches should let us to build eather wine itself  or  shared 
libs from the same wine  package...
This allow  to apply those patches  to Wine CVS and  then those patches 
will be  integrated
in Wine itself and  thus will be  maintaned by Wine team... This is very 

Next , the  dlls' specific is that they should be initialized when 
loaded, otherwise they will not
be working.  I mean the  common case, not   any particular situation....
Therefore  you must invoke WinMain method for each dll loaded in order 
to initialize it .

Next,  the structure of Wine shared libraries should be regular  and 
 must  fit to Microsoft DLL
idealogy, otherwise there will be no compatibility.... Meanwhile as 
compatibility of  such shared
libraries   with  Microsoft  DLLs is the strategical  approach  for 
their usage with Mono...
You see, we must have absolute compatibity with Microsoft.NET (which for 
sure uses all system  dlls).

Otherwise Mono and Mono implementation of SWF will not be  usefull and 
will not be needed.
Compatibity is point One.
About the probable difference of your approach  with  mine.....
Actually I have not seen  any diffrence yet, since your patches are 
implementing  just some part
of functionality...

Additionaly, I see you are working on integration of Cairo with  x11drv.dll.
That is wondeful, but my guess we should discuss  the methods to do this 
in order to reach
perfect code...
So ,  I would like  to discuss all of those and work close each to other....
What do you think about all of these above?

With my Best Regards, Vlad

Peter Dennis Bartok wrote:

>See attached picture. I do have the right ID. And it tells me you're not
>logged in.
>Please do explain the need to be more systematical, or what you think
>should be different with my approach.
>  Peter