[Mono-winforms-list] CommonDialog.DialogForm.owner field

Aleksandar Dezelin dezelin32@fastmail.fm
Wed, 29 Dec 2004 13:32:58 +0100

Peter Dennis Bartok wrote:
> I have implemented the HelpButton property in Form. I also implemented the 
> support for it in Control.cs. The HelpRequested event is now raised as 
> required. (I hope you weren't gonna handle the WM_HELP event yourself) and 
> you can tie into that to get the request.

Many thanks. I thought that WM_HELP event was already handled becouse we 
have the HelpRequest method in CommonDialog and that somebody forgot to 
set the EX_CONTEXTHELP window style in class Form.

> The patch you sent was different for every single line of the file which 
> made it pretty unusable. You might want to check your patches before sending 
> them (the zipped version wasn't any better).

I was using TortoiseSVN for creating the patch - obviously didn't check 
the patch before sending it. Never used it before for creating patches. 

> If 'style' is of type 'FontStyle'
> FontStyle style = FontStyle.Regular;
> ....
> if ((style & FontStyle.Bold) != 0) {
>  ....
> }

This is what I wanted to ask about but I forgot (apparently) the 
operator precedance. Thanks again.

Aleksandar Dezelin

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