[Mono-winforms-list] another forms problem

kangaroo grompf@sublimeintervention.com
Sun, 26 Dec 2004 15:54:32 -0500

On 26-Dec-04, at 9:56 AM, Paul wrote:

> Hi,
>> If I try to run a programm compiled with
>> mcs myprogramm.cs -r System.Windows.Forms
>> and try to run it using
>> mono myprogramm.exe
>> I got an error that means something like mono cannot find wine.
>> What about the native implementation? I read on the website that it 
>> can
>> be found in Managed.Windows.Forms , but if I try to add this assembly 
>> by:
> You need to
> cd ~/mcs/class/Managed.Windows.Forms; make clean; make; su; make
> (prefix=/usr) install
> for MWF to be used.
> I'm not sure if that's exactly what has to be done for OS X, but given
> it's a BSD variant, it's a pretty good guess that that is what will
> work.
> su changes you to the administrator (super user).

First off; there is no su for OSX; and its much more involved than this 
to get it running on OSX.

You have 2 choices;

#1. The X11 Driver
(This requires X11 from mac, cairo, render, Xrender, libpixman, libgif, 
libtiff, jpeglib, libpng, libgdiplus)  Most of those you'll have to 
install from source.

#2.  The Quartz Driver
(This requires everything above except for X11, render, Xrender)  
You'll also requires some custom cairo patches from me that aren't 
complete yet.

However, you should remember that neither of these are complete; if you 
want them to make an application; hold off; if you want the to assist 
in development; plow ahead.


PS.  A large number of the dependancies required some custom hacking by 
me to make them happy with auto* on OSX.  If fink has a recent build of 
them all; I'd suggest using that I personally just dont run fink.