[Mono-winforms-list] Dialog implementation and look and feel

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Mon, 20 Dec 2004 13:02:31 -0700

>Another question regarding dialog implementation: do we have to
>implement dialogs (FileDialog, SaveDialog, etc.) with a look and feel of
>the .NET dialogs in the 100% C# code using MWF controls, or we just need
>to create underlaying lib dialogs - Gtk, Win32?
The Guidelines in the MWF are not very clear about Dialogs, I will update 

Here the rules for Dialogs:
1) Every dialog must be implemented in 100% managed code. This means no 
P/Invokes, no calls to underlying libs

2) The look and feel is determined by two things:
    First, the control provides certain properties, the look and feel must 
allow for all properties to be usable by the code.
    Second, MWF uses a themeing concept. This means that the design of the 
dialog must allow for the actual layout code to be in the theme driver. All 
implementations must implement the .Net look by default (goes into 
ThemeWin32Classic). Other theme modules may be added in the future, maybe 
the Gtk one will call down and invoke the actual Gtk dialogs. However, for 
the default implementation, this is not acceptable.

3) The dialogs (obviously) must use the existing controls to implement their 
functionality, unless no control exists that provides the required 
functionality. This means that if there's a button on the dialog, use a 
button control and do not write your own button code into the dialog.

Hope this helps a bit.