[Mono-winforms-list] Winforms and OSX

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Wed, 1 Dec 2004 01:12:20 -0700

We can worry about looking like a Mac later. First things first. 
System.Windows.Forms needs a driver for the Mac to support the windowing 
system, and it needs a cairo driver that interoperates with the choice of 
window system.

Whether the controls look like Mac or Windows doesn't matter for that and 
now. You can solve that later as part of the Theme interface. If you try to 
have everything at once you will not get off the ground.

Let's keep it as simple as possible. Once we are running SWF apps on the Mac 
we can worry about them not looking like Mac apps.


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>I'm not in the position to give any directions, so don't let yourself be
>confused, it is just an opinion.
>From what I understood Mono wants to stay as close as possible to the WM_
>scheme. On the other hand, any application looking like windows would
>definitely not be perceived as a 'mac' application, I can use VirtualPC for
>that and have everything running nicely...
>There are of course several degrees for 'platform nativness' but I think
>that having the platform look if possible, although not always the platform
>feel, would be possible without breaking this approach, thus my suggestion
>for HITheme drawing...
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>> --- Stefan Csomor <csomor@advancedconcepts.ch> wrote:
>> > IIUC you don't want to instantiate a true platform
>> > instance of a eg
>> > checkbox, but create a 'user-defined' window which
>> > will - deep down in the
>> > WM_PAINT message - draw its appearance. On the mac
>> > this should be done using
>> > ThemeDrawing APIs, everything else won't be
>> > percieved of as 'native'.
>> I'm confused.  So I would be using the appearance
>> manager to draw my buttons instead of System.Drawing?
>> I think we want to use the windows style controls,
>> don't we?  It seems to me that if we try to Macify
>> mono, we will get too far down the road from
>> compatibility with MS.net.
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