[Mono-winforms-list] Windows Forms.

Gustavo Ramos eureko@grmexico.com.mx
02 Sep 2003 03:03:45 -0400

>     As said before, Winforms implemented with Wine is required to have
> full support for Wndprocs and P/Invokes, and is the right way of doing
> things.

Totally agree. Almost any serious SWF project will need P/Invokes. Look
at vbAccelerator.com (.net section) for some samples of things missing
in SWF, worked-around with P/Invokes, and how the commercial-quality
code would look like. A typical sample is the sealed ImageList class,
that forbid us provide our own image lists to a ListView using just SWF.
This can be worked around just by calling directly to the win api.

>     The other option that we have scratched is to build Windows.Forms
> using a native toolkit, because we would not be able to achieve 100%
> compatibility.   

This is a good project, for the novice/intermediate programmer, that
doesn't use P/Invokes. This can be seen as a means of developer's
platform-switching strategy, and would attract many many people, not
developing high-quality frontends. But most important: the API is very
very simple, almost self explanatory and widely known, so, it would
become a standard for small projects.

I do see both projects viable, not mutually exclusive, because they
aren't just different approaches for reaching a goal: they are in nature
distinct things, for different goals.