[Mono-winforms-list] (no subject)

Timohy Parez tpsoftware@users.sourceforge.net
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 15:09:50 +0100


The MainMenu control seems to be working with the current cvs (but as
you can see from the screenshots it's a long way from finished or
correctly implemented.

When you say win2k are you talking about the mono or the .NET runtime ?
And can you give the exact exception it throws on your system.

As for a good IDE for C# under linux, there isn't a very good one,

I was hoping they would port #Develop to SWT# or GTK# but there seems to
be no activity on that front. Anjuta (www.anjuta.org) has some basic
syntax support for C# and is able to compile cs files, but doesn't offer
support for C# projects. 

I'm currenlty using Visual Studio .NET and SharpDevelop under windows
to design SWF applications. I use GLADE and Anjuta to design GTK#
applications under linux. 

There is a thread on the got-mono website on the subject:

There is a lot of documentation on the mono homepage,
Also check this page: http://www.go-mono.com:8080/

It contains a complete handbook and an API reference aswell as a C#
language reference.

And of course there's the IRC channel (irc.gnome.org/#mono ; really nice
people there :p ) and the mailinglists if you need help or information.

I hope this helps you out.

Timothy P.

Op wo 19-11-2003, om 08:15 schreef Palamarchuk, Alexey:
> This is my furst experience with Mono, probably such question has
> been already asked, anyway, i have created PEXE under RedHat Linux 9.0
> of sample "MenuTest" (Windows.Forms build 0.28). This sample raised a
> lot of exceptions under Linux (probably there were  some troubles with
> WINE), under Win2K this test raises exceptino in the case (in
> application main menu select File->Edit and after that File->File
> and you will find an exception) .
> P.S. 
> And some questions:
> 1) Where can find some more information about Mono project, there are
> few information on the site www.go-mono.com, i need more
> 2) Where can i find IDE for C# under Linux ? It's rather bothering to
> edit source code in Vi editor and make PEXE under command line.
> P.S.S. I woud like to say special thanx to people who developing Mono,
> you are making great amazing job !!!!