[Mono-winforms-list] Re: [Mono-list] Windows.Forms

Mike Hearn m.hearn@signal.qinetiq.com
23 May 2003 09:49:46 +0100

> We're prepared to maintain the patches to keep up with Wine whenever
> there is good reason for it (such as one of those you mentioned) at
> least for now. Have you found or do you think there are any current
> issues that would prompt migration?

Nope, it was just a general concern. Wine improves all the time, so it's
good to keep up to date though. (well, regressions happen sometime too)

> The snapshot release current version is based on is already quite old so
> I suppose we'd start migrating to a newer snapshot pretty soon if I
> manage to do without Vlad in our Virtuoso-related developments. So far
> I've been able to allocate almost 100% of his time for this.
> All suggestions for next target snapshot are welcome. We need to choose
> one that seems to be relatively stable. Watch this space for updates :)

Basically Wine only releases CVS snapshots as you know. There is no QA
done on the releases. We hope to change this with the Wine 0.9 effort.
But for now, it's just a case of move up every few months or however
often you want to do it.

Mike Hearn <m.hearn@signal.qinetiq.com>
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