[Mono-winforms-list] running WinForms on Linux

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> Hello,
> > I'm really keen to see results of my work running on
> > Linux, but it seems that my level of expertise in
> > Linux is not enough to set up all this required stuff
> > manually. So I'm wondering, are you going to produce
> > required binaries (monogui etc.) in the form of
> > packages just like it's done now for mono runtime and
> > mcs in the future releases ?
> I wanted to do this for this release, but I ran out of time.
> Also, we had a deadlock:
> * I wanted to get approval to commit the init code
>   to Application.cs, but that would make the code
>   only with Winforms.
>   We need a better way of initializing the Wine
>   currently, but am not sure how.

------ Vlad Kaluzhny ----------
I will  try to find out the best way to initialize the Win32
API DLL libraries outside of mono runtime executable.
I like your suggestion to include this into constructor
of Win32 class.  This is exactly the right solution.

> * Since the code was not on CVS, I could not build
>   wine packages.
> I have also a few questions:  Maybe we should install the wine runtime
> under a separate directory, say $prefix/mono-wine, to avoid conflicting
> with an existing Wine installation (am not sure whether this is
> required or not).

------ Vlad Kaluzhny ----------
We do not need  to take any steps in order to avoid the  conflicts the new
Win32 API shared libaries  with an existing Wine installation.
They do not interfere each between  other.
To read  about this, do please  download the latest update of win32api.tgz
and read README file included.
Moreover, the new update will be ready early next week.

> Miguel
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