[Mono-winforms-list] Re: Mono-winforms-list digest, Vol 1 #37 - 12 msgs

Yrjana Rankka ghard@openlinksw.com
24 Mar 2003 13:11:33 +0100

Dear colleagues;

We regret the inappropriate tone and lack of topical content of this
message. This is in no way an appropriate introduction and in no way
reflects any view on behalf of OpenLink Software. We apologise for the

We shall provide detailed technical rationales and references for our
contributions where appropriate/requested.

We shall also provide details of testing environments, etc. And will for
the time being focus on getting the mono Winforms to operate with Wine.


Yrjänä Rankka

On Sat, 2003-03-22 at 13:11, Vlad Kaluzhny wrote:
> Hi.
> I  am pleased to introduce myself to all of you.
> I am Vladimir Kaluzhny from Openlink Software Inc,
> who is assigned by my bosses for full-time on Mono project
> contribution, particularly on SWF.
> I'd like to address your attention on very important thing -
> My additional task is to make Mono working under Wine.
> Therefore, I gonna  warn you -  when you will note, that some
> part of SWF is  declared by me as non-working, that means it is not
> working under Wine. Agree?
> Thus, all the lines in my recent diff being commented and marked as
> non-working, do not work under Wine in fact, on my Linux box.
> Therefore there is nothing strange, when you see the same code is
> working with you, since, I believe, you test them on Windws.
> Is this correct? Does someone else test the Mono under Wine?
> Because the Ximian company does position Mono project on Linux
> and MS Windows all code must be working on both environments-
> on  MS Windows and on Wine under Linux. Therefore I am
> truly asking to you - never cast doubt on my statements -
> if I said it is not working, that means it is not working,
> and particularly under Wine. Another question - why?
> I want to work side by side with all of you and gonna trust to each other.
> When some one have some doubts, the best way is to RTFM first.
> I beg your pardon if my words seemed as abrupt to some one.

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