[Mono-winforms-list] Introduction, patching, canonization, roadmap.

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Fri, 21 Mar 2003 08:24:42 -0500

Any new files should be saved with Unix (LF) line ending format.

If you edit a file that has other line ending formats, do not change them.
You need to use a text editor that will preserve the line endings.
It is okay to change the line ending for the line you are editing, but
please do not reformat the whole file.

Reformatting a file to have all Unix (LF) line endings adds noise to
mono-patches plus it destroys cvs history.

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> Right now I see mixed use of DOS-style CR/LF linefeeds and Unix-style.
> Do you think it possible to switch to using one of these exclusively?

It would be really nice to switch to one line-termitation style.
The question is - to which one. You probably know that SWF is running
now with GC under Linux. So, IMO it will be logical to select Unix style.

> Another thing that we've discussed with Miguel is about establishing
> some kind of roadmap, prioritizing chunks of functionality with app
> development requirements in mind. Each milestone producing a test
> application with a specified set of controls.
> We'll be going for Application and ApplicationContext classes first.

I selected .Net SDK samples as a roadmap for development.
For a moment, the following samples are working under Windows:

(It's problematic to run them under Linux now due to missing functionality
System.Drawing. )

Also I developed a separate test application for some of Menu* classes,
it's inside CVS.

Regarding the patch:
It is possible to post samples if, in your opinion, the code is not working
and not just comment it and send a patch ? Or better to fix it and send a
patch with
sample or reference to it.

For example:

--- Control.cs 20 Mar 2003 23:05:15 -0000 1.30
+++ Control.cs 21 Mar 2003 10:43:47 -0000
-      CreatorThreadId_ = Win32.GetCurrentThreadId();
+      /* vkaluzhny@openlinksw.co.uk = FIXME!!!!
+      CreatorThreadId_ = Win32.GetCurrentThreadId(); */
       OnHandleCreated (new EventArgs());

The GetCurrentThreadId is used for ISynchronizeInvoke implementation :

And why code in Button.cs is not working :

It's also not clear why Window class registration code moved to Form.cs. Is
it needed to
register class for every Form created ?

Alexandre Pigolkine

P.S. I am working on ListCtrl derived classes.

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Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] Introduction, patching, canonization, roadmap.

> Hello!
> Our company is willing to contribute code to the SWF project.
> We hope to be able to draw in support from other commercial entities.
> Initially we have assigned one developer, Vladimir Kaluzhny
> (vkaluzhny@openlinksw.co.uk ), more or less full-time for this. He has
> extensive experience in working with native Win32 API as well as other
> GUI toolkits. My bosses have tasked me to act as a liaison between
> our developer team and this project.
> To make patching a bit less laborious process, I'd like to discuss
> things regarding encoding in files stored in the CVS.
> I attach a diff with some fixes done by Vlad. His notes:
> Button.cs
> CreateParams property
> 1. Removed  the variable name duplication
> 2. Commented the part of code, which still is not working.
> 3. Removed the creation of instance of  ControlNativeWindow class .
> Control.cs
> CreateParams property
> 1. Designate  the ClassName field  with right value. (not constant)
> 2. Commented  the part of code which is incorrect
> 3. Commented the part of code, which still is not working.
> Form.cs
> CreateHandle()
> 1. Added the class registration code
> NativeWindow.cs
> CreateHandle()
> 1. Removed class registration code as it is only required of windows.
> ScrollableControl.cs
> CreateParams property
> 1. Removed the class registration code
> 2.  Designate  the createParams.Caption and  createParams.ClassName
>     fields  with right value. (not constant)
> TextBox.cs
> CreateParams property
> 1. Removed the creation of instance of  ControlNativeWindow class .
> Best regards,
> Yrjänä
> --
> Yrjana Rankka                      //  ghard@openlinksw.com
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