[Mono-winforms-list] SWF applications on Mono 0.23

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
19 Mar 2003 13:49:14 -0500

> To compile from source code:
> - Build Wine version of GC. John Sohn posted recently a link to the
> project.
>     if file is not available from his site, here is a link to a copy :
>     www.geocities.com/pigolkine/gc6.1-wine.tar.gz

Am sorry if I have not been tracking this completely, but what is the
difference between gc6.1-wine and gc6.1?

Can the changes from the -wine code, be folded into the regular
version?  Is this something we should be shipping our GC with?

> - files for monowinehooks.so and monostub.exe.so are in CVS
> System.Windows.Forms folder.
> - runwine is also in the System.Windows.Forms folder.