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Alexandre Pigolkine pigolkine@gmx.de
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 15:52:01 +0100


Thanks a lot for the information.
It will be really nice to have more communication.

Currently, I try to find a way to debug Mono/Wine applications
and I will be happy to use your offer regarding the questions.

Alexandre Pigolkine.

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I've been working on Wine for a few months now, and thought I'd
subscribe to this list to watch your progress, and perhaps help make
communication between the two projects a bit better. I've had a quick
flick through the archives, thoughts on a few issues:

The best way to implement that would I think be to implement the uxtheme
APIs introduced with Windows XP. That was discussed on the wine-devel
mailing list a month or so ago.

That's it for now, I look forward to seeing your progress on this
matter! If you have any wine-related questions I might be able to
answer, or maybe put you in touch with the right people, let me know :)

thanks -mike

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