Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:13:24 +0200

On 06/27/03 sivakumar samyappan wrote:
>     We,Final Year students of Bharathiyar University,Coimbatore-India visited your website recently.The mono projects impressed us very much and we have already heard about your MONO Projects.We have decided to do our final year project in Mono ,that is,to CONTRIBUTE in Just In Time(JIT),We have experiences in both  DOT NET(MS) and Linux(RedHat).

What area in the jit are you interested in developing?
There are many things that could be done in a year, from a port
to a new architecture, to some complex optimization etc.
It all depends on your skills, time constraints and willingness:-)
Let us know what you plan to work on or if you want us to assign you a
task, but please be more specific on what kind of work you'd like to do.
BTW: mono-devel-list is a better list for this discussion.


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