[Mono-winforms-list] Using windows.forms on linux

Jason King jason.king@profox.co.uk
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 15:25:31 +0100

Hello Julian,

Yes you can use mcs.  However, if you are using code residing in libraries,
it may be necessary to link in the dlls at compile time:

mcs /out:myNewApp.exe /r:lib1.dll /r:lib2.dll mysourceFile.cs

or, generically,

mcs /out:<targetexefilename> /r:<dllnames> <sourcefile.cs>
mcs /out:<targetexefilename> /r:<dllnames> <*.cs>

Hope this helps.  Please let me know if I am wrong...

Jason King
Profox Systems Ltd

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Thanks Alexandre... I think I am reaching something here.

I was reading e-mails from this list and already installed mono, the patch,
and wine following the instructions.

I have a code already done in C# and I want to compile it. Do I use mcs ?

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>You can find information here:
>On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 15:16:59 -0300, Julian Kato <jkato51@hotmail.com>
>>Hi everybody.
>>I use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET therefore IВґm not understanding
>>anything about mono and wine stuffs.
>>I need some advice or code samples here so I can start develop on Linux
>>Can anybody help me ?
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