[Mono-winforms-list] SWF with WineLib on Suse

Mike Hearn m.hearn@signal.qinetiq.com
02 Jun 2003 11:41:03 +0100

> applications hang at a call to dlopen("libGL.so.1", 258);

libGL is an unusual library in many ways, it was broken a lot more than
most others by the introduction of NPTL and various other threading
wierdness. It's not PIC either.

So, I don't really know why opening libGL would cause it to hang, except
that the fact that it's libGL doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

You might want to simply compile wine without opengl support,
--disable-opengl iirc.

Could you get a backtrace of the freeze?
thanks -mike

Mike Hearn <m.hearn@signal.qinetiq.com>
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