[Mono-winforms-list] Wine packages for doingSystem.Windows.Forms development

Philip Van Hoof spam@freax.org
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 11:19:39 +0200

> Does anybody mind if we switch now the default Windows.Forms 
> implementation to use WineLib?
> Miguel

Hi there Miguel,

I already asked about this issue on IRC but I was wondering if it would
be possible to make mono (or the System.Windows.Forms-assemblies loader
-I have not checked how it actually works-) look for an environment
variable or an option. This would make it possible for the user to
choose which implementation he or she wants to use.

For example

export MONO_SWF_LIB="WineLib"
mono Form1.exe

export MONO_SWF_LIB="Gtk"
mono Form1.exe

(Ps. for people who will search these archives some day: MONO_SWF_LIB
will probably not be the evironment variable that will be used for this)
Philip Van Hoof
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