[Mono-winforms-list] WineLib or GTK#

Peter Walter pwalter@itlsys.com
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 01:28:27 -0500

 As a Windoze programmer who has been following the progress of Mono 
with interest, I thought I would throw in my two cents here. I think 
that many Micro$oft programmers like me would actually prefer a non-Wine 
implementation, as long as the necessary module changes are encapsulated 
or kept to a minimum. After all, what are IFDEF statements for if not to 
support slightly different compilations? Give me as much native code / 
speed as you can, and stop trying to play Micro$oft's game - even if you 
achieve compatibility, they will change the rules, and mono will always 
be playing catch-up. I vote for GTK#.