[Mono-winforms-list] Vote?

Simon Ask Ulsnes simon@ulsnes.dk
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:50:18 +0100

I am very sorry if I am making trouble, I certainly don't mean to.
An basically, what Paolo says is what I've been saying all along - that we
need to get some code to work on...

What I am arguing against is that usual attitude of the Open-Source
community ("If you don't like my program, it is not my problem - make one
yourself"), because it won't get us very far. And yes, I respect, of course,
and am grateful for the work that Open Source programmers are doing for the
world and everything (very much, indeed), but as long as programmers code
for their own needs only, things will stay buggy and unstable (mostly). At
least, that is my opinion... :-) But that is a completely different matter.

What I am also saying is that if I, for example, no matter how willing I may
be, cannot produce very good code, since I don't have the experience with
neither the languages nor the platform(s). Therefore, there would be no
point in me making a lot of stuff that'd have to be corrected over and over
again anyways. What I am good at is C#... :-) (I may have a chance with some
wrapper classes between Gtk#/SWF, but right now I really don't have the

Just throwing my 2 cents in...

Simon Ask Ulsnes, Denmark

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> Simon,
> No offense, but I think you've stepped over the line of
> discussing an issue, and into the realm of being a trouble maker.  At
> this point I think this thread has gone down an unhelpful path.  Paolo
> makes a good point, however harsh it may sound, that making a "real"
> contribution to the code is what really matters as far as opinions go.
> With that said, since I've made no contributions, I'm more than willing
> to simmer down, and not make trouble for the guys who are doing the real
> work, which by the way, I am very grateful to.
> -Dan
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> Isn't Wine an emulator (although Wine Is Not an Emulator :-) technically
> speaking? I think it would be kind of wrong to have the whole SWF
> namespace
> running on top of the WineLib, then again on top of the native windowing
> system, on top of the X server, on top of the host system. I think we
> should
> avoid as many layers as possible.
> Isn't Wine Open Source? Would it be possible to "strip" the functions we
> need from the WineLib and modify them to our needs? (that is not a good
> solution, I know)
> Or will it not be possible to convince the Wine developers to use the
> standards pthread implementation? Or will it not be possible to somehow
> exclude all objects linked to the WineLib from the garbage collecting
> done
> by Mono?
> Paolo Molaro >> Arrogant Open-Source-programmer attitudes will not help
> anyone making a better Mono! Unfortunately, in this case, we need to
> build
> something that will actually run and which is able to do it good enough
> for
> people to use the technology. Programming should be done by those who
> are
> good at it and those who feel like it, preferably both... Only stable
> and
> adequate code will succeed in the real world.
> Personally, I have never succeeded in making Wine work on any Linux
> installation I've run, including Red Hat 8.0 which is my current. I'm
> quite
> convinced that I've configured it correctly, it just won't run any Win32
> apps from my Windows XP (NTFS) partitions, especially none using MFC.
> (sure,
> I've made tiny console apps work, but they're not to much use)
> Yours sincerely,
> Simon Ask Ulsnes, Denmark
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> > I agree with Paolo and James that GTK theme layer with winelib makes
> the
> > most sense.
> >
> > -Dan
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