[Mono-winforms-list] Vote?

Dan Maltes dan@astusa.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 15:54:49 -0500

I agree with Paolo and James that GTK theme layer with winelib makes the
most sense.  


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On 01/28/03 Simon Ask Ulsnes wrote:
> ud their opinion? I think this would be a good solution since it is
> people who are going to use Mono in the end who are most interested
> in the project and visits the site more often. A note could be sent to

We have already a voting mechanism in place, it's called working code:-)

> Then we could measure "common people"'s opinions and take them into
> consideration... Right now there seems to be an equal amount of

This is a free software project and that means that the opinion of
people that won't code the solution, even if valuable per se, will not
be of any help. We already know that technically, using libwine is
what will give us a more compatible solution in the end.
I think wine has already some theme concept that allows to switch
between different windows looks, so it should be no problem adding
support later for a Gtk+ lookalike theme.
If somebody doesn't like that solution, all they have to do is show
us that an implemnetation that uses Gtk# or some other means is


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