[Mono-winforms-list] Wine error when running Forms applications

matthew@datadeliverance.com matthew@datadeliverance.com
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 02:04:52 +1030

Hi All,

I've recently installed RH8.0, and mono-0.17-2, and I'm trying to get
Winforms applications to run.  I've got the standard Wine that comes with RH8
(wine-20020605-2), amd when I try to run a winforms app, I get this:

wine client error:(nil): sendmsg: Bad file descriptor

Wine itself seems to be working ok, and mono seems to be running non-graphical apps
without any problems.

Now I've searched the web, and can find virtually nothing about this, except
the odd reference to the archives which I can't read.  I have no idea what's
causing it, and looking at traces doesn't shed any light on the problem.  Has
anyone else had this problem, and been able to fix it?

Please reply to me as I'm not currently on the list.



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