[Mono-winforms-list] Windows Forms.

Neil Cawse neilcawse@hotmail.com
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 23:44:23 -0500

Im a Windows c# app developer.

There are going to be a very! large number of developers using windows
forms to build applications (the ms factor)! If we could make it real
easy for them to move their applications across to Linux, many of them
would and that would build the strength of Mono, Linux & Open Source.

The very spirit of .net is to try to use just the standardized,
comprehensive .net framework without having to pinvoke to the platform
to get things done. For that reason we would want the thread class in
the mono framework should work exactly like the ms thread class for

As a windows programmer, if I knew that as long as I used vanilla
windows forms (didn't start intercepting windows messages or using
reflection to get at underlying windows handles) that Id be able to run
on Linux, you bet a would! If I knew I could achieve cross platform
support by following certain rules, I would..

I like small and efficient - for me a lean System.Windows.Forms using
gtk that includes all the standard windows controls would be what I
wanted. If I needed to draw my own, Id use System.Drawing - thus
sticking to the framework. I don't want to know that im running on

If we are going to build SWF, lets do it right.

My vote - no Wine. But more importantly, either way, lets get something
going, so people can see results, the more people see, even small
progress, the more that will jump in and help!