[Mono-winforms-list] Windows Forms.

Reggie Burnett rykr@bellsouth.net
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 18:43:50 -0600

I don't have a great understanding of the structure of WineLib or the
ramifications of using it, but I think that is the way to go.  One of
the most important features of .Net in all of its flavors is binary

While projects such as GTK# are important, I think the goal should be as
near 100% compatibility Windows/.NET as possible.  It appears as though
the major problems in using WineLib are (1) the aforementioned threads
problem, and (2) possible widget/theme issues.  I really can't say how
difficult either of these problems are but given the quality of
developers at work here, I can't believe they are insurmountable.  Once
these problems are addressed, many more .Net apps will run "out of the
box" on Mono, which is certainly what I am looking forward to.


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> Hello,
> > I'm for a gtk# one. It wouldnt work with all apps, but hopefully a
> > chunk of them. And as more and more apps go .NET only, there will be
> less
> > of a need for P/Invoke.
> Again, the problem is not P/Invoke alone, but Wndproc method in
> as well.
> The P/Invoke issue is a bad one, because it is required for things
> there is no managed API (most third-party controls for .NET will use
> P/Invoke).  So the Gtk#-based solution is a very partial one.
> I can not stress this enough: A Gtk#-based implementation would *not*
> fully compatible, and people should be very very very aware that this
> implementation *would require changes to their code* and would *not be
> full implementation*.
> Miguel
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