[Mono-winforms-list] Windows Forms.

Asier Llano Palacios asierllano@infonegocio.com
Sun, 26 Jan 2003 21:04:07 +0100


My opinion:

Wine:   Full support - Not native
Gtk#:  Near full support - Native

Both sound good. My opinión is that the Windows.Forms
could be plugable so that a user could choose witch one to use.
Even a user could use one Windows.Forms with one application and
another one with another one. If the qt# people wants to develop
it or the wxWindows too, let's allow them to plug it into mono.
(I know that Ximian can only put their effort in one place, but
leave the things open, can be good)

Another thing:
Not every application is using the Wndprocs and P/Invokes, so if the
owner of the application cares a bit about the portability of the
application, the NET Framework (and therefore Mono too) is rich enough
to do most things without touching the Windows API.
What I mean is that I'd like a Gtk# or Qt# based Windows.Forms
for my own application (when I know how I program things), but
I'd like (for example) a Wine implementation to run a comercial

It's no so hard to program without using WndProc and the API
(I'm developing visual program in C# and I think I have 5 classes that
must use the API, in a project with several hundred classes. That's the
only thing that should be ported), but I can understand that a 100%
compatibility sounds good.

I don't know the Gtk# too much, but the worst problem I see is
the System.Drawing with Wine and Gtk# because it is really
equal to the new GDI+ of windows and I think it is not implemented
in Wine and it could be hard to implement in Gtk#.
(please, correct me if I am wrong)

Thank you very much for the great work all of you have done so far
Asier Llano

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>Hey guys,
>    So we have a problem with Windows.Forms right now.  To test/develop
>on Linux we need to get Wine to include support for a few semaphore API
>    As said before, Winforms implemented with Wine is required to have
>full support for Wndprocs and P/Invokes, and is the right way of doing
>    The other option that we have scratched is to build Windows.Forms
>using a native toolkit, because we would not be able to achieve 100%
>    Idea: it would be useful to have a Windows.Forms implementation that
>used Gtk# at least to port existing Open Source Winforms code that we
>could tweak or ifdef chunks of code.
>    Opinions?
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