[Mono-winforms-list] DataSource Property for Windows.Forms.Li stControl

Brian Takita brian.takita@runbox.com
Mon, 18 Aug 2003 13:19:05 -0700


Thank you for the intro to develop for Mono.

I asked the microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.csharp newsgroup about how 
to implement it in the thread
"How come nobody responds to Implementing DataSource Request??".

The list of tasks I got are:

- DataSources should implement the IList interface.
- If a DataView is passed in, then use that.
- In the case of a DataTable, you should use the DefaultView property of
that table to get the view.
- Once you have your source, you can iterate through the list of items and
display them, using reflection to get the value of the property to display.
If the item returned in the list implements the ICustomTypeDescriptor
interface, use that.

They seem reasonable to me. I would have to add support for a DataSet as 
the DataSource property and the DataMember property to point to the 
correct DataTable.

I think this covers most of the functionality of the DataSource 
property. Unfortunately, its a sizeable black box, so some reverse 
engineering is probably needed.
What do you think?

Brian Takita

Dennis Hayes wrote:

>If you have not done so already, install a tarball (the version 0.26 just
>released, or a nightly snapshot) these include binaries to kick start
>development. When you get that to compile, do an anonymous checkout from cvs
>and get that to compile.
>After that, start adding you new code.
>Post changes to the email list and get them oked. Make sure someone checks
>them in to cvs. After a few checkins, we can get you a real cvs account.
>No one is working on ListControl right now.
>Do you have a plan on how to implement the DataSource function?
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>I'm creating a custom control that uses the DataSource property.
>I'm interested in contributing it to the Mono project for the
>Where do I go from here?
>Thank You,
>Brian Takita
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