[Mono-winforms-list] more gtk look stuff

James Gregory james@linuxaus.com
04 Aug 2003 17:10:08 +1000

Hi all,

I posted ages ago about wanting to work on the wine GTK look part of the
mono project. It's been a while, but I have actually made some progress.
I have code now which will set wine's colours to match the GTK theme
(well some of the colours, the rest of them is just a case of me having
time and patience to finish it). The other achievement was to get a
GdkWindow from the XID that Wine uses to display stuff and map a Gtk
Button to it. Alas the button is not as yet displaying, which is why I'm
writing. The problem as I see it is simply that the gtk main loop isn't
running, so whatever it is that actually draws the button inside the
expose event in a normal gtk app just isn't running. The patch is a bit
of a mess, but if there's interest I'd love to get some feedback from
someone who knows the internals of gtk/gdk a bit better. I'm sure that
after I'm over this hurdle, the rest will be far faster and simpler to