[mono-vb] What is Visual Basic standard debugger?

Garreau, Alexandre galex-713 at galex-713.eu
Tue Sep 19 23:38:45 UTC 2017

Hi, I’m restarting studies somewhere where they teach visual basic to
students as a first language, I already validated that course so it’s
not mandatory for me but since for others it is, and they are teached to
use proprietary software, I wanted to try to do the same using emacs and
free software, like Mono. I found vbnc and some (abandonned but somewhat
working) minor-mode for vbnet in emacs, but I didn’t found how to get
debugger capabilities like when you invoke gdb on a C source file…

What is supposed to be used to debug a mono/cil/vb/.net program? sdb?
does gdb work (afaik emacs supports it better)? Beyond the emacs
integration stuff (gud etc.), here I wanted to ask if it is normal if
when I compile some code using “vbnc -debug:full test.vb”, and then I do
“sdb "run test.exe"” and then type “source” I don’t get the source code
printed? is there any way to get the source in the binaries? the line
numbers? to embed debugging symbols/info? to get a summary of set local
variables? something like that?

So I can later work of doing research on how getting that work with
emacs interfacing stuff ^^

Thank you for any answer!

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