[mono-vb] VB Compiler Embed Resource file

snoop dog snoop1963 at live.com.au
Sun Jun 4 23:26:16 UTC 2017

I am trying to compile a vb program with an embedded Glade XML file as a resource using the mono vb compiler, version, using this command:

vbnc  -resource:TestForm1.glade TestForm1.vb

The program compiles and runs without any error however the TestForm1.glade file is not being embedded in the compiled exe

When I do same with the c# compiler mcs  -resource:TestForm1.glade TestForm1.cs the glade file is embedded in the compiled output exe

Is this a bug in the vb compiler i.e it fails to embed resource files?

I check to see whether the file is being embedded simply by opening the exe in Notepad++, with the c# compiler the xml is always there but has never worked with mono vb compiler.

If this is a bug is there any other way to embed a resource file in the exe?


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