[mono-vb] Mono-develop configured on SLES 11 spk4

dasys at dasolutions.com dasys at dasolutions.com
Fri Jan 29 14:42:45 UTC 2016

Good morning:

I am a "newbie" with Mono and my company is trying to install and configure Mono on our SLES 11 - SPK4 server. 

Does anyone know mono in this environment ?
Can anyone direct me who I can discuss my issue with here at our Data Center ?

Summary of Data Center:
Mulitple Servers running various applications
Our company is trying to migrate from Windows IIS 8 to another platform. We've reviewed mono and have
created a LAB server to review and work with.

I've created the SLES server, installed APACHE and SAMBA. I am having some issues with installing Mono and at this writing
am having issues launching the product after installation. 

If anyone has information with mono running on a SLES 11 SPK4 server we would welcome the information.

My best,
Dante Dano
Systems Engineer, 
New Jersey

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