[mono-vb] Dot Net 4.0 to Mono (3.5) Conversion

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I tried compiling your project in Visual Studio 2010, and it has over 20
compiler errors. You need to fix those errors first (our VB compiler is not
good at handling errors, so it won't help you much)




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I am attempting to convert an application im developing into mono compatible
code. The application was using the .NET 4.0 Framework but was changed to
3.5 in MonoDevelop. 

After converting all my toArray statements to 3.5 compatible code, I got
these errors:
Warning VBNC2009: the option doc was not recognized - ignored (VBNC2009)

/home/adam/herbs5/Core/<MyGenerator>(1,1): Error VBNC99999: Unexpected
error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (VBNC99999)

Any help? Here <http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10471884/Core%20With%20INI.zip>  is
download for CORE and CORE.INI. Core.ini compiles fine and is necessary for
core to function. These are both Libraries as The main executable appears to
compile successfully.

Mono Newbie 

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