[mono-vb] Any vb.net tutorials for vb.net in the linux mono?

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Tue May 18 15:52:26 EDT 2010

It doesn't matter whether you use VB.NET or C#.
You can always convert between the two, or if it is too 
difficult/timeconsuming, simply put the C# code into a dll and reference it.

Glade or win-forms?

What you mean is GTK# or WinForms.
Glade is only the IDE.

The decision is simple:
If you only develop for Windows -> use WinForms.
If you only develop a small GUI -> use WinForms
If you have Visual Studio -> use WinForms (even when you deploy on Linux)
If you already developed a larger project for Windows -> Try using the 
existing WinForms, you might need to replace what doesn't work with GKT#.
If you start a larger project from scratch, for Windows and Linux (and 
Mac) -> Use GTK#

To put it simple, if you do anything else than starting a larger Linux 
project from scratch, use WinForms !

If you use GTK#, then whether to use Glade is up to you, depends on 
whether you are faster writing GTK# by hand or with a GUI.
I suppose you still need a GUI ;-))

PS: If you switch from Windows to Linux to escape vendor lockin, you 
might also want to avoid one of those nasty SQL database vendor lockins. 
So use nHibernate as database mapper (that way you can just laugh at 
moving back and forth between PostGre, MS-SQL [2000, 2005, 2005+], 
Oracle, MySQL, FireBird, SQlite and Sybase). And Microsoft is pushing 
ASP.NET MVC and JQuery.
I really recommend the MVC, it's way better than those nasty PostBacks + 
Though I've not yet come to test the MVC's reach in mono, because I was 
busy compiling mono 2.6 (and firguring out how to get a FlashDWG to work 
with wine).

Kind regards


Am 18.05.2010 21:26, schrieb MagicZelda:
> milleja46 wrote:
>> So glade or win-forms?
> Well for me its neither, im about 3/4 the way into my app to convert my
> WinForms to ASP (the design layout that is) so ASP.NET using VB is the way
> for me. Not sure if it really solves the issue at the out set of this Thread
> but its the best solution ive come up with.

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