[mono-vb] Support for the ternary if construct

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Tue Jun 22 13:10:42 EDT 2010


Actually you're lucky, ternary ifs have already been implemented, you can
either wait for mono 2.8 or build mono-basic from source yourself :)


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> Hello everyone,
> Many of my projects written in VB.Net could be built using mono, save
> the fact that the ternary construct `If(Condition, TrueCase, FalseCase)`
> isn't supported yet. Is there a way to help with the implementation of
> construct, or is someone already working on this? Sadly my knowledge of
> the mono vb compiler is close to nothing, and yet I'd really be willing to
> see mono support this.
> Of course, switching my ternary ifs to plain ifs is possible, but there
> are an approximate 60 of those in my code...
> Thanks!
> CFP.
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