[mono-vb] Contributing Microsoft Sync Framework

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Tue Jun 1 16:51:34 EDT 2010

Hi, question:

I'd like to implement the Microsoft.Synchronization.Files Namespace and 
subnamespace in managed code for mono/Linux.

As of June 7th, 2010, I'll be in the Swiss Army for the (compulsory) 3 
weeks repetition course bs each year.
So if I mangage to slip away unnoticed for most of the time, as I mostly 
do, I'll have 3 weeks time to implement it.

Probably, quite a part of the Sync framework would follow in the process.

So... I read the (thy shall not reverse-engineer part of the) contribute 
page, but I have some questions:

0. I assume I don't have to change "Microsoft" in 
Microsoft.Synchronization to something else because of trademark issues ?
1. Shall I implement it in VB.NET or in C# ? Does it matter ?
2. Once completed, where do I upload it? (svn? write access? Submit to 
3. Since I'll implement first what I need, what do I do with methods 
that I do declare already, but that are not yet implement ? Throw an 
exception ?
4. What license has it to be under ? Basically, can I choose BSD/LGPL ?
5. Is there a quick way to extract properties/types/inherits/overloaded 
functions/procedures info ?
6. I assume I'll have to write a makefile, not supply a project, right ? 
Unit test, too ?

Kind regards

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