[mono-vb] Step through debugging in mono

Quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Thu Jul 22 07:29:48 EDT 2010

  Hi, question:
Is the Debug-Feature "Step Through (F8)" in mono/MonoDevelop
already implemented in some version?
Because I use the 2.6 stable version of mono/MonoDevelop, compiled 
myself from source,
and there, the option is always gray.

I would need that feature about now to debug a mail server...

Is it implemented in the SVN version of mono/MonoDevelop ?
Or is it just gray there, too ?
Or do I need to install an additional component, or configure someting ?

Or is there a way to remote-debug (step trough) an application
that runs on Linux from Visual Studio on Windows ?

I'm not particularly interested in debugging with GDB,
it's not very helpful...

And another question:

The namespace DirectoryServices.Protocols is nonexistant in mono.
I just used the Windows version of DirectoryServices.Protocols.dll,
via local copy, which means now it at least compiles, but I don't know
whether this is a .NET assembly or a .net assembly that calls windows 

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