[mono-vb] Mono 2.6.3 and performance

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Tue Apr 20 18:47:29 EDT 2010


Just correcting a few places where I think you have old information:

>  From my experiences, you should really use C# instead of VB.NET if you
> run mono applications under Linux.
> The reason is, the VB.NET runtime is implemented in C#, and the C#
> runtime is implemented in C, as far as I have heard.

The VB.NET runtime (Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll) is implemented in VB, and the
rest of the runtime is mostly implemented in C# (though some parts still
have to be in C, just like .NET).

However a few years ago our Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll was implemented in C#
(before it was rewritten in VB).
> I've however never encountered problems with CType, CInt, CBool, CByte,
> CLng, Asc, Chr, etc.
> And also, VB.NET with mono is incomplete in many ways.
> Starting with no VB.NET compiler shipped with Mono for Windows

If this is true it's a packaging bug, the vb compiler should be shipped for

> , to the vb.net runtime not deployed by default with mono,

Mono is a lot more split up than .NET (programs in general are more split up
in linux than on windows), so this will likely not change.

> Missing overloaded functions in the XMLwriter,

System.Xml.XmlWriter is not missing any API now. Have in mind that we
continually implement whatever is missing, so once again I think your
information is outdated :)


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