[mono-vb] Strings

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Tue Jun 30 23:53:07 EDT 2009

I tried Imports System.Strings and learned that that's not a member of 
global system.  Trying Imports System.String though cleared that error. 
Later I tried Dim OutputVar As String = String.Asc(MenuVar) and was told 
that Asc wasn't a member of String. The original of Menuvar would have 
been MenuVar = Console.Read() after it had been declared as a String and 
set to empty.  Earlier today I read an example of converting a bit string 
to characters with Getchars() and may not have the spelling or other 
technical details 100% correct on that function yet. Are the Imports 
objects documented anywhere I can read about them and find out what 
functions live in which object?  I know with C I can use grep on libraries 
like stdio.h and read up on functions that way.

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