[mono-vb] used code the wrong way

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Fri Jun 26 16:26:19 EDT 2009

Cut here:
Imports System
Imports System.Timers
Imports System.Threading

Module Module1 Sub Main() Console.WriteLine("sleeping for five seconds:") 
Console.WriteLine("Awake again.") End Sub End Module Cut Here. The errors 
that come off of this using vbnc don't make any sense to me.  I don't know 
what was done wrong to create this error situation either and couldn't 
figure it out from the output.  When I used this code on vbc at work, I 
was told that no public object was available in the threading import and 
the Sleep line wouldn't work as a result of the earlier warning.

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