[mono-vb] iching.vb development project

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Wed Jun 24 04:36:40 EDT 2009

The status of the project now is that it compiles without syntax errors 
and runs some.  I'm fixing logic errors and as I do the program runs 
better.  Once I have all of the features in this code working as intended 
I intend to add a couple more features.  One of them will be journaling 
capability which records the hexagram either generated by the computer or 
keyed in by the user along with the day of week; date and time and a 
user's initial comment about the divination.  The other two fields in that 
record that the journal creates and manages will be for another day of 
week and date and time and the user's follow up comment on the reading. 
The reason for recording that much information in a journal record is so 
other divination systems can be used to cross check what comes from the 
Iching and also so the user can cross check the timing of the divination 
and connected events for timing patterns as well as effectiveness 
patterns.  Questions or situations at issue will also have to be captured 
in order to make any of this credible.  Thanks much for the help this list 
has provided and also thanks for the help learning visual basic in this 

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