[mono-vb] project files and public properties

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Tue Apr 7 21:35:00 EDT 2009

In visualstudio when a developer has more than one .vb file that is to be 
built to compile a project those can be referenced in a project file I 
think .prj file and when the project file gets compiled all that's 
referenced in it will be compiled with an executable having the prefix of 
the .prj file being made.  Is this possible now with vbnc or mono-vb? When 
parameters have to carry information from one method to another in visual 
studio a public property has to be created to do the transport.  Is it 
possible to create public properties for mono-vb and or vbnc and where and 
how would that be done within the code?  I have two methods one called 
ComputerMethod which needs to return integer-bearing variables Phx and Ml 
to OutputMethod and RecordedMethod which also needs to transport 
integer-bearing variables Phx and Ml to OutputMethod..  Finally, Might all 
of this already be documented for vbnc in some book somewhere I don't yet 
know about?  If so, please send book details otherwise I may have to start 
writing it.

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